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Scoliosis Lecture Series


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Interview With Registered Chiropractors


Precautions for stent treatment

The main principle of stent therapy

Sharing With Comrade


Special posture correction corset for scoliosis

Scoliosis patients share their experience of using posture training in smart vests

People who love beauty accept their imperfections

The host of the show, Ms. Huang Meiqi, shared the influence of scoliosis on her and tips on protecting her spine

How do girls with scoliosis choose underwear?

Fellow comrade share the experience of scoliosis surgery

Ruby, Chairman of Hong Kong Scoliosis Awareness Group, shares her experience while wearing orthopedic braces

Interview With Physiotherapists


The experience of active practice

German Schroth scoliosis treatment method-single lumbar curve (left)

German Schroth Scoliosis Treatment Method-Single Chest Curve (Second Set of Action)

German Schroth Scoliosis Treatment-Single Chest Curve


The main principles of Schroth scoliosis treatment in Germany

Interview With Orthopedic Surgeon


Introduce exercise therapy for scoliosis

Should scoliosis patients avoid certain exercises?

Maintaining spinal health

Experts recommend strengthening core muscles to for stronger pelvic, hip, lower back and abdominal muscles

Surgery for scoliosis?

An expert’s introduction on minimally-invasive VBT technology

How does scoliosis affect the body?

Are bad postures causing scoliosis?