Active Biotechnology

Active Biotechnology (Hong Kong) Company Limited is a spin-off company of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which endeavors to develop posture training systems for medical, sports and healthcare applications.  Our innovative and insightful technologies are intended to address the unmet needs of adolescents with mild scoliosis as well as provide alternative options for those who are undergoing bracing treatment without reducing their quality of life.  The applications of our frontier technologies are versatile enough to also provide posture training for athletes, patients with other spinal conditions, or daily posture monitoring, which are all upcoming R&D projects at the Hong Kong Science Park. In order to provide effective solutions, we dedicate time and resources to research the needs of scoliosis patients, athletes and the general public who require posture training services.

Muscle Activity Evaluation

The baseline sEMG measurements of scoliosis patients are recorded and used as a reference for setting the threshold of sEMG posture training.

Biofeedback Posture Training

Scoliosis patients will go through 30 sessions of sEMG posture training to develop a more balanced muscle profile.

Training Report

Scoliosis patients will receive regular reports after each training session to keep track of their progress.


Operators of sEMG training sessions will provide suggestions for improvement based on the patients’ training reports.